2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Customer Feedback on Our 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

We’re always keeping an eye on the latest 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends to give our customers an idea of what styles will be popular in the new year. Exploring color trends can be a way to find inspiration when envisioning a kitchen remodel or embarking on a construction project. Let’s discuss the color palettes and design styles that are making waves in the world of kitchen aesthetics for 2024. These insights are drawn from both industry trends and feedback, from our valued customers, at WellCraft Kitchens.

Earthy and Natural Tones Remain Strong

Rich, warm woods and earthy colors have been hugely popular the last few years and that doesn’t seem to be changing for 2024. Shades of brown, tan, and green will still be going strong. These colors create a cozy, comfortable vibe and work well for those wanting a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic. Some top earthy tones we’re seeing for 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends include:

Customer Feedback on Our 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends
  1. Cocoa is a brown shade that works beautifully for stains, on oak or maple surfaces. It complements countertops perfectly.
  2. Driftwood is a brown hue with subtle specks that add texture to it. It blends nicely with cabinets above.
  3. Sage is a green shade with a hint of blue undertones. It stands out against darker cabinetry. Serves as an accent color.
  4. Sandbar is a warm tan beige tone that exudes an vibrant feel. Ideal for both all wood and mixed material designs.

Natural earth tones like these endure because they never go out of fashion. They create an inviting atmosphere, in your kitchen space. Even if design trends change these colors will always feel timeless and relevant.

Navy Blues Make a Comeback

After taking a step back the past couple years, navy blues are regaining popularity for 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends. Deep rich blues bring an air of elegance and flair to a room. Navy is particularly effective when you aim for cabinets to blend in seamlessly serving as a backdrop, for design features. Here are some top picks for navy shades;

Customer Feedback on Our 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends
  1. Midnight Navy. A deep true navy that is versatile yet makes a statement. It looks refined when paired with countertops or backsplashes.
  2. Cobalt. A vibrant intense navy with hints of teal. It creates an impression and complements walls beautifully.
  3. Indigo. A darker, navy that verges on black. Ideal for those who seek cabinets to almost vanish within the space.

Despite navy being less in the limelight it has proven itself as a timeless hue. The deeper blues align with trends that appreciate understated luxury and sophistication. Opting for navy cabinetry will cater to those yearning for a departure, from tones.

Mixed Materials on the Rise

Designers are getting more creative with 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends by mixing materials as well as colors. Blending wood, with materials such as glass, metal or stone can create a visual impact. It also offers the opportunity to experiment with textures and play around with contrasts. Some popular combinations of materials include;

Customer Feedback on Our 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends
  • Using cabinets alongside glass doors for a bright and airy feel.
  • Pairing butcher block or wooden countertops with painted or lacquered cabinets.
  • Incorporating metal or glass accents into wooden cabinets in complementary colors.
  • Matching stone, tile or quartz countertops with wooden cabinets in coordinating tones.

While mixing materials, in design can be seen as a move the result is a kitchen space filled with layers of texture color variations and visual charm. This approach ensures that your kitchen stands out as distinctive and original than following a design template.

Light 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends Remain Essential

While on-trend colors like navy are gaining steam, lighter neutrals will still be essential for 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends. Choosing colored cabinetry can create a sense of openness and spaciousness in a room. It also provides the flexibility to experiment with backsplashes, wall hues and decorative accents. Some popular light cabinet color options are;

Customer Feedback on Our 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends
  1. White Dove; A versatile white shade that complements any design aesthetic.
  2. Cashmere; A gray, with warm undertones that pairs beautifully with navy, green or wooden elements.
  3. Hazy Day; An hue with subtle putty tones that promotes a light and relaxed atmosphere.
  4. Sand Dollar; A beige shade evoking a beachy and luminous feel, ideal for coastal or casual decor styles.

While light cabinetry has long been favored these softer muted neutrals offer an fashionable twist. They encourage creativity while maintaining a breezy ambiance, in the space.

Personalize with Pops of Color

While entire kitchens in bold, vibrant hues may not be practical, 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends suggest using color as an accent. Adding pops of color can bring a touch of personality to your space while neutral tones or wooden elements create a sense of tranquility in the background. Here are some creative ways to introduce color;

Customer Feedback on Our 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends
  • Paint a cabinet or kitchen island in a hue
  • Incorporate colorful painted panels, open shelves or pull outs
  • Enhance the design, with colorful hardware such as knobs and pulls
  • Opt for a colorful backsplash, countertop or wall for added visual interest
  • Accentuate your kitchen with vibrant small appliances

Popular colors being used in this manner include teal, coral, mustard yellow blush pink and emerald green. These bursts of color not keep the designs up, to date. Also add a personalized touch to your living space.

Popular 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

While wood grains and stains are popular, painted cabinetry remains on-trend and versatile for 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends. Paint allows for bold hues, unique finishes, and a modern look. Some top painted cabinet colors include:

Customer Feedback on Our 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends
  1. Cloud Nine – An airy light gray with subtle warmth. Pairs well with navy, green, or wood.
  2. Wild Blue Yonder – A vibrant yet soothing blue perfect for coastal or lake homes.
  3. Bungalow Rose – A soft blush pink that feels feminine, fresh, and cheerful.
  4. Citrus Splash – A bright, fun yellow that energizes a space without feeling harsh.
  5. Peppercorn – A rich, chocolatey brown perfect for those wanting drama.

Painted cabinetry is low-maintenance and allows for creativity. Popular paint colors add personality while feeling current.

2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends Forecasting

Customer Feedback on Our 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

By keeping tabs on color forecasts from cabinetry companies, paint brands, design blogs, and trend reports, we’re able to stay on top of the latest 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends. Earth tones and neutrals will continue to be favored as base colors. Expect to see a rise, in more vibrant shades, diverse materials and inventive applications of color, for highlighting. The integration of colors and textures is set to play a role.

Customer Feedback on Our 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Here at WellCraft Kitchens, we’re already seeing some of these 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends come to life in customer projects. Several homeowners have opted for warmer wood stains like Cocoa paired with sleek quartz or Slate tile.

Customer Feedback on Our 2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

One client mixed Knotty Alder uppers with a bright Aqua lower cabinet – a fun take on combining textures and hues. Earthy Green cabinetry remains a top seller. And more homeowners are choosing painted looks, especially in on-trend shades like Wild Blue Yonder.

Based on early customer feedback, it’s clear that personalized, multi-dimensional designs will reign supreme following the hottest new 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends. We can’t wait to create even more stand-out kitchens reflecting these exciting new trends.

Final Thought

No matter the trends, the most important thing is choosing colors you genuinely love that fit your style and needs. Come visit us at our showroom or check out our website at WellCraftKitchens to browse our cabinet colors and get ideas for your dream kitchen following the hottest new 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends. We’d love to help you put together a custom design you’ll be thrilled with for many years to come.

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