Kitchen Renovation Project

With big and small factors in a kitchen remodeling, it can be very overwhelming. Nonetheless, it is assuredly among the most rewarding ventures a homeowner could undertake.   A kitchen renovation project has so many benefits, for example boosting the home value, intensified daily living, and other charming fringes in between.  Therefore, investing in a kitchen remodel is worth. The WellCraft Kitchen offers a helpful set of starting tips to guide you to a successful kitchen remodel without so many hustles.

Setting goals.

There must be a definite reason for wanting to remodel your kitchen. Some of the reasons why many homeowners go for a kitchen remodeling are

  • The desire to spice the antiquated design
  • introducing an adequate technology for a better functioning kitchen
  • renovating the kitchen to fit the current families lifestyle
  • Heightening the home value to resale.


You should list your needs and wants according to your priorities. When prioritizing, the ones that pairs should be given extra attention so as not to raise more significant and expensive problem out of them. If you do not set goals, the entire process will give you a lot of headaches.


Finances are the blood life of your kitchen renovation project; they will sustain the remodeling effort until it ends. Therefore, financing is a crucial factor to consider.  Running out of finances in the midst of the renovation can create loads of problems.  Nerveless, one of the significant advantages of doing kitchen renovation today is that there is a wide range of options. If you decide to go for a loan program, you should look for peculiarities which complements your needs and finances.

Major or minor

Regardless of whether you prefer to go for a full-scale or surface-level renovation, all can boil down to the exact budget you decide to invest in the project. An important deciding factor would be setting your goals and the effort it would take to alter the current setup. Ideally, in case you realize everything about the kitchen is unsightly and poorly functioning or changes you want to incorporate involves altering the layout or such extreme works, then a full-scale outline would be the amplest.

Project Specification Plan

The more detailed you plan your kitchen renovation project. The higher the chances of succeeding you will have. For a more efficient completion and lasting results, you must include all the key essentials which include craftsmanship, and excellent products and supplies. Even though hiring an expert kitchen remodeler would cost more; the fee will measure it to be worth. In case you do not want to spend more, there are better ways to do it without sacrificing the results. For instance, you can purchase quality items at a discount, scheduling your scheme during off-peak renovation seasons. You should review your plan again and again and ensure everything is perfect before it starts. After the project start, there should be no turning back, besides any changes in the middle of the project would be very costly

Project Management

A kitchen remodeling project requires proper management. Nonetheless, there are multiple ways you can manage your project. You can be your own contractor, hire a project manager or contractor either part time or full time. In, either way, it is vital to maintaining the communication lines with whoever is engaged in the project. Also, you must prepare your family for the expectations and plan a makeshift kitchen.

In conclusion, a kitchen renovation project is a serious project. It requires total proper planning and close supervision. From setting goals, financing, priorities to management, everything involves surveillance. A very tiny mistake can ruin your project or add extra cost which was not accounted.


Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen remodeling has been giving people headaches. Many homeowners think renovating your kitchen requires a very high budget. It is not true; you can still work on a low budget kitchen and get the kitchen you desire.  According to the WellCraft Kitchen to succeed in renovation, you require a couple of excellent ideas that do not cost a tremendous amount of money. They offer some proven ideas on how to renovate your kitchen cabinets without spending much cash.

If your kitchen cabinets have Formica doors or old coated wood, your best option is to spruce them up by supplementing some embellishing molding around the corners. During this process, you should be sensible on the positioning of molding on how the cabinets open. It is essential to insert some fancy trims an inch or so from the corners of the doors so that they can open easily without hindrances.

When fixing the Decorative Molding to doors, you need the following tools. Miter Saw,   Electric Drill, Hammer, Nail Punch, Paint Brush, Pencil, Tape Measure

You will also require these materials.

Decorative Wood Trim, Paint, Painted Caulking, 220 Sand Paper, Paint Brush, Small Finish Nails, Wood Putty Stick.

To finish your door trim, you have two options; you can paint with the solid color or stain with it and add a clear coat on the top.

 Solid Color Paint on the Molding

In the local cabinet supply firm, you can get color caulking which will match Formica unit chip colors. The best option is to choose the specific color that you want to apply the decorative door embellishment from a Formica plastic laminate chip chain. Then you can get colored caulking from cabinet supply firm to match your preference. The nail holes and the meter joint will be filled with the nail punch.

Staining the Kitchen Cabinet Door Molding

If you chose to stain your wood, you would require you will be required to select wood filler putty stick that matches your stain color. Measure the amount of decorative molding which you need for your kitchen cabinet door renovation. Before you embark on anything, you must double and triple check the calculations and add some extra. You shouldn’t order thing in your house, make a trip to the home depot near you and buy all the materials.

When decorating the trim, you should apply Formica sample color to mix and match your colors. You should also discuss with a paint expert for proper guidance to ensure you get the appropriate primer and paint.

During the renovation process, you must have patience. If you do not take your time, you can quickly blow your blow your budget by mistakes. Allow enough time since you are purposing on getting professional results on an affordable budget.

After you are done with the door pieces, you should use the miter box or saw and start to cut the pieces. Ensure the meter is accurate and tight. At this point, you can figure out the calculator and estimate the decorative trim piece sizes. You should work on one door at a time. Start with the largest and continue to the smallest. Ensure you work smartly to get the best out of your materials.

You should pre-drill the finish nails holes and attach the molding onto the kitchen cabinet doors.  To sink the nail head deep, use the nail punch and ensure they are covered with the caulking or wood putty. At this point, you can extra stain or paint in case you need to brush things up a bit. The last point is to use the colored caulking or wood putty stick to cover all the flaws and nail holes.

All the above tips are superb. Even though you will be using a low budget kitchen cabinets, it can spruce up your kitchens looks more than you expected.