Should Kitchen Islands Be Darker Than Cabinets

Should Kitchen Islands Be Darker Than Cabinets?

When planning your kitchen you’ll encounter a myriad of choices to consider. One common dilemma that arises is whether the kitchen island should have a darker hue compared to the cabinets. This question can be quite perplexing as there isn’t an answer.. Fret not we’re here to assist you in navigating through this decision making process!

At WellCraft Kitchens we’ve come across a variety of kitchen layouts. Understand that what may be suitable, for one kitchen may not necessarily work for another. So lets delve into this matter and examine it from all perspectives.


The Case for Darker Islands

“Why would anyone opt for a kitchen island thats darker, than their cabinets?” you might ask. Well there are actually reasons! To begin with a darker island can serve as a point in your kitchen akin to having a piece of furniture right at the heart of the room.

When your kitchen island stands out in contrast to the cabinets due to its shade it naturally draws attention. Adds visual interest. This effect can be particularly impactful in kitchens where you aim to introduce some variety into the space. Additionally opting for a darker kitchen island can introduce a contrast, to your kitchen decor.

If all your cabinets are light colored the addition of an island can create a balance and infuse an element of drama into your overall design scheme. Some individuals also appreciate that a darker island has the advantage of concealing spills and stains than a lighter counterpart. For those who enjoy hosting gatherings or spending time in the kitchen cooking up delights this practical benefit could be quite appealing.


Should Kitchen Islands Be Darker Than Cabinets 1


When Lighter is Right

There are instances where you may prefer your kitchen island to have a shade, than your cabinets. Lets delve into those scenarios.

In a kitchen opting for an island could be the way to go. When the color of your kitchen island aligns with that of your cabinets it can give the impression of an more spacious area. It’s a trick that can significantly impact how roomy your kitchen appears.

Another reason to stick with a toned island is if you aim for an consistent look in your kitchen. Some individuals appreciate when everything matches seamlessly and theres nothing, about that! A colored island that harmonizes with your cabinets can establish an unified aesthetic.


It’s Not All About Color

Keep this in mind; when deciding if your kitchen island should be darker, than your cabinets remember it’s not about the color. There are ways to make your island stand out or blend in.

For instance you could opt for a material for your island. Maybe your cabinets are painted wood. You choose steel for the island. Alternatively if your cabinets have a laminate look consider a wood finish, for the island. These material variations can create contrast without making the island darker.

Another option is to experiment with the finish of your island. Even if both your cabinets and island share the color you can differentiate them by giving the island a finish while keeping the cabinets matte. This subtle variation can add interest without altering the overall color scheme.


Should Kitchen Islands Be Darker Than Cabinets 2


The Middle Ground

Can’t make up your mind between a kitchen island thats darker or one that matches your cabinets? Here’s a compromise! Consider opting for an island thats just slightly darker, than your cabinets. This way you’ll get a touch of contrast without going.

Another idea is to play with two colors on your island. Maybe have the base in a shade while the countertop matches your cabinets. Alternatively you could go for a two toned island. One side darker and the other lighter. These options offer you the best of both worlds!


Consider Your Whole Kitchen

When considering whether your kitchen island should be darker, than your cabinets it’s crucial to take into account the look of your kitchen. What color are your walls?. What about your flooring? These factors all contribute to how your island and cabinets will harmonize.

For instance if you have floors a darker island could complement them beautifully. Conversely if your walls are already dark opting for an island could help maintain balance.

Also remember to consider your countertops. If you have patterned countertops it might be wise to choose a subtle color, for your island to prevent it from overshadowing them.


Should Kitchen Islands Be Darker Than Cabinets 3


Lighting Matters

Here’s a point that is frequently missed; the lighting, in your kitchen can significantly influence whether your kitchen island appears darker compared to your cabinets. Natural light, ceiling lights and even under cabinet lighting all play a role, in how colorsre perceived in your kitchen.

If your kitchen receives light you could possibly opt for a darker island without it seeming overly oppressive. However if your kitchen tends to be dimmer it might be advisable to opt for colors to maintain an airy atmosphere.


Your Personal Style

Ultimately when it comes to deciding if your kitchen island should be darker, than your cabinets it all boils down to your taste. Are you drawn to striking, contrasting aesthetics?. Do you lean towards an understated cohesive appearance?

Consider the ambiance you wish to create in your kitchen. Are you aiming for a feel? A warm and inviting farmhouse atmosphere?. Perhaps a traditional enduring elegance? Defining the vibe you desire can steer you towards choosing the color for your island.


Should Kitchen Islands Be Darker Than Cabinets 4


Practical Considerations

When choosing the style for your island remember to think about practicality. If you have children or pets it’s important to consider how easy it will be to keep your island clean. Darker colors tend to reveal smudges and fingerprints compared to lighter shades.

Additionally consider how you plan to utilize your island. If its primarily, for food preparation opting for a color can enhance visibility while working. On the hand if it will be used for dining or hosting guests a darker color may be more resistant, to spills and stains.


Trends vs. Timelessness

It’s important to keep in mind that trends, in kitchen design are always changing. Currently dark kitchen islands are quite popular. The question is, will you still find them appealing five or ten years down the line?

If you enjoy keeping up with the trends feel free to embrace the idea of an island! However if you prefer a timeless sticking to a classic color scheme might be the way to go.

It’s essential to remember that at WellCraft Kitchens we believe in creating a kitchen that not suits your lifestyle but also brings you joy. Whether its an island or one that complements your cabinets we’re here to help make your dream kitchen a reality.


Should Kitchen Islands Be Darker Than Cabinets 5


Making Your Decision

When deciding on whether to choose a color, for your kitchen island compared to your cabinets here are some steps you can follow;

  • Look at pictures; Explore kitchen design websites and magazines to find inspiration.
  • Evaluate your space; Consider the size of your kitchen and the amount of light it receives.
  • Reflect on your style; Determine the aesthetic you want to achieve in your kitchen.
  • Think about functionality; Consider how you will use the island and how easy it should be to clean.
  • Test samples; If possible obtain color samples. See how they appear in your kitchen.
  • Trust your instincts; go with what feels right for you.


Final Thought

Should kitchen islands be darker, than the cabinets? There isn’t an answer to this question. It really comes down to your style the space you have and what you prefer. Whether you opt for a kitchen island or one that blends in with your cabinets what matters most is that you adore your kitchen. All it’s the heart of your home!

Here at WellCraft Kitchens we’re dedicated to assisting homeowners in designing kitchens that they truly adore. Whether you lean towards an island or prefer a matching one we’re here to help bring your kitchen visions to life. Remember your kitchen should reflect who you are. So whether that means going for a island or opting for a seamless match, with the cabinets choose what brings joy to you.

Stove in Corner of Kitchen pros and cons Wellcraft Kitchen and Bath

Stove in Corner of Kitchen: Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Are you considering placing a stove, in the corner of your kitchen? It’s a choice that could completely alter the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. Let’s dive into all the good and not-so-good things about having your stove in corner of kitchen.


What Exactly is Stove in Corner of Kitchen?

First things first, let’s talk about what we mean by a stove in corner of kitchen. It’s essentially just as it sounds. A stove positioned in a corner of your kitchen typically at a 45 degree angle. This arrangement could make a difference, for kitchens though it may not suit everyone.


The Upsides of a Stove in Corner of Kitchen


Stove in Corner of Kitchen pros and cons Wellcraft Kitchen and Bath 1


1. It’s a Space Saver

One of the biggest pros of having a stove in corner of kitchen is that it can save you a ton of space. If you have a kitchen or simply wish to maximize your space consider placing your stove in a corner – it could become your favorite spot. By positioning the stove, in the corner you create extra counter space along the walls. This can be incredibly handy if you often find yourself short, on prep space while cooking.


2. It Looks Pretty Cool

Let’s face it, a stove in corner of kitchen can look pretty awesome. Not every kitchen features this making it a standout addition, to your space. For those, on kitchen styles a corner stove could be just what you’re looking for. It has the potential to elevate the appearance of your kitchen giving it a bespoke and upscale feel without burning a hole in your pocket.


3. It Can Create a Cooking “Zone”

Placing your stove, in the corner of the kitchen helps create a cooking zone making it easier to stay organized. You can arrange your prep area around the stove allowing for transitions from cutting ingredients to cooking without having to walk. It’s, like having your chefs nook!


4. It Might Give You a Better View

Depending on your kitchen layout, having a stove in corner of kitchen might give you a better view of the rest of the room. This could be great if you enjoy chatting with family or watching over the kids while you’re cooking. It’s, like being the master of your kitchen domain!


The Downsides of a Stove in Corner of Kitchen


Stove in Corner of Kitchen pros and cons Wellcraft Kitchen and Bath 2


1. It Can Be a Tight Squeeze

While a stove in corner of kitchen can save space overall, it can also make things feel a bit cramped when you’re actually cooking. You may notice that you often bump into the kitchen counters, on both sides especially if you are accustomed, to having space while cooking.


2. Cleaning Can Be a Pain

Cleaning behind a stove is not exactly a task and it gets even trickier when dealing with a stove tucked away in a kitchen corner. The challenging angles make it difficult to access all the hidden spots where grease and dirt tend to accumulate. If you prefer cleaning methods, over contorting into positions this aspect might not be, to your liking.


3. It Might Limit Your Stove Options

Not all stoves are made to fit in corners. When you decide to put your stove in corner of kitchen, you might find that your choices are a bit more limited. You might end up splurging on a custom corner stove or limiting your choices in terms of features and designs.


4. Ventilation Can Be Tricky

Getting proper ventilation for a stove in corner of kitchen can be more challenging than for a standard stove placement. You may require a corner range hood, which might be more expensive and challenging to locate. Proper ventilation is crucial, for maintaining an tidy kitchen so it’s definitely worth considering.


How to Make a Corner Stove Work for You

If you’re leaning towards putting your stove in corner of kitchen, here are some tips to make it work:

Stove in Corner of Kitchen pros and cons Wellcraft Kitchen and Bath 3


  • Plan Your Kitchen Layout Thoughtfully; Ensure there is counter space, on both sides of the stove for meal preparation.
  • Select the Appropriate Range Hood; Opt for a hood specifically designed for corner placements to guarantee ventilation.
  • Consider Your Cooking Habits; If you frequently cook dishes using cookware verify that a corner setup provides sufficient space.
  • Evaluate Traffic Flow; Avoid congestion in your kitchen by ensuring the corner stove placement does not impede traffic flow.
  • Utilize Innovative Storage Solutions; Maximize storage options by utilizing the area above and, below the stove effectively.


Real Talk: Is a Corner Stove Right for You?

Deciding whether to put your stove in corner of kitchen really comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Stove in Corner of Kitchen pros and cons Wellcraft Kitchen and Bath 4


  • How big is your kitchen?
  • What’s your cooking style?
  • How important is having a unique kitchen design to you?
  • Are you okay with potentially more complicated cleaning and maintenance?
  • Does your budget allow for any special equipment or installation needs?


What the Pros Say

At WellCraft Kitchens, we’ve seen our fair share of kitchen layouts, including those with a stove in corner of kitchen. Our specialists concur that although corner stoves may prove beneficial, for kitchens they may not suit everyone. The key lies in striking a blend of style, functionality and suitability tailored to your space and requirements.


Making Your Final Decision

Still on the fence about putting your stove in corner of kitchen? Here’s a quick rundown of the main pros and cons:

Stove in Corner of Kitchen pros and cons Wellcraft Kitchen and Bath 5




  1. Space-saving
  2. Unique look
  3. Creates a dedicated cooking zone
  4. Potential for better room views



  1. Can feel cramped when cooking
  2. Harder to clean
  3. Limited stove options
  4. Ventilation challenges

When it comes to kitchen design it’s important to remember that there isn’t a one size fits all solution. What may be perfect for one person may not necessarily be the option, for another individual. This is why at WellCraft Kitchens we advise taking the time to consider how you utilize your kitchen and what aspects hold the significance for you.


Alternatives to Consider

If you’re not totally sold on the idea of a stove in corner of kitchen, don’t worry! There are plenty of other options to explore. Here are a few alternatives that might work better for your space:

Stove in Corner of Kitchen pros and cons Wellcraft Kitchen and Bath 7


  • Island Stove: If you have room for an island, placing your stove there can give you a great cooking area with lots of prep space.
  • Galley Layout: In a narrow kitchen, a galley layout with the stove on one wall can be super efficient.
  • L-Shaped Layout: This classic layout can work well with the stove on either the short or long part of the “L”.
  • U-Shaped Layout: If you have a larger kitchen, a U-shape with the stove on one of the side walls can give you tons of counter space.


Final Thought

Deciding where to put your stove is a big deal. It’s not just about how your kitchen looks – it’s about how it works for you every single day. A stove in corner of kitchen can be a great choice for some people, but it’s not for everyone.

At WellCraft Kitchens, our main goal is to assist you in discovering the kitchen design that suits your requirements. Whether you opt for a corner stove or explore options the key is to ensure that your kitchen is functional and brings joy to your life.

Stove in Corner of Kitchen pros and cons Wellcraft Kitchen and Bath 8


It’s essential to view your kitchen as a space where you delight in spending your time. The aim is to simplify and enhance your cooking experience not complicate it. Therefore take the time to contemplate what truly matters to you and don’t hesitate to seek assistance when needed.

And hey, if you’re still not sure about whether a stove in corner of kitchen is right for you, why not come chat with us at WellCraft Kitchens? We’re excited to assist you in designing the kitchen layout for your home. That’s our specialty!

So have you decided on placing your stove in a corner. Are you leaning towards a layout? Whichever option you go for ensure it suits your needs and cooking preferences perfectly.

How to Finance a Kitchen Remodel

How to Finance a Kitchen Remodel: Tips and Options from WellCraft Kitchens

Are you dreaming of a beautiful new kitchen but wondering how you’ll finance a kitchen remodel? Revamping your kitchen can bring satisfaction as a home improvement endeavor. It often comes with a hefty price tag. The good news is that there are several options available to help you finance a kitchen remodel and turn your dream kitchen into reality. Here, at WellCraft Kitchens we recognize the significance of making decisions when it comes to renovating your kitchen.


How Much Does the Average Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Before we delve into options, for financing a kitchen renovation lets first discuss the expenses. According to HomeAdvisor the average price for remodeling a kitchen is $25,000 or $150 per foot. However the actual costs will vary based on your kitchens size the materials you opt for and the scope of the renovations.

A minor kitchen renovation that focuses on updates such as cabinet refacing, countertop replacement and new flooring typically falls within the range of $10,000 to $15,000. On the hand a major kitchen overhaul involving changes like plumbing and electrical work along with high end finishes could cost $30,000 or more.

Regardless of your budget for a kitchen remodel, planning and selecting a financing option are crucial. It’s important to note that even modest updates in your kitchen can greatly enhance its functionality and resale value. So while financing a kitchen renovation may seem daunting it often proves to be an investment, in the long run.


What Adds the Most Cost to a Kitchen Remodel?

When you begin to plan for your kitchen renovation and explore financing choices it’s useful to have an idea of how your funds will be allocated. Each remodeling project is unique. Here are a few essential components that typically contribute significantly to the cost of a kitchen remodel;

How to Finance a Kitchen Remodel Tips and Options from WellCraft Kitchens 1



Renovating your kitchen with cabinets can take a portion of your budget particularly if you choose custom or semi custom designs. Opting for stock cabinets from a hardware store is the budget option whereas fully customized cabinets come with the highest price tag.



The price of your countertops will vary based on the material you select. The total area you want to cover. Laminate is the budget choice, followed by tile butcher block and solid surface options. Natural stones such, as granite or marble tend to be the expensive.


When renovating your kitchen and upgrading appliances costs can escalate swiftly especially if you opt for of the line, integrated or smart appliances. Be prepared to invest a substantial sum. Starting from a thousand dollars. If you’re, in the market, for a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave.


Plumbing and Electrical

Renovating your kitchen can become expensive when you have to relocate plumbing or lines. It’s important to budget for hiring certified plumbers and electricians in addition, to purchasing fixtures, outlets and wiring. To save money consider keeping your sink and appliances in their positions to reduce these costs.



Never underestimate the cost of labor when planning to finance a kitchen remodel. When it comes to renovating your home with things, like cabinets, countertops, flooring and tile professional installation can eat up a chunk of your budget –, around 20-35%. While taking on some DIY projects can help save money it’s wise to leave the tasks to the experts.

By understanding these cost factors you’ll be better prepared to set a budget and look into financing options for your kitchen makeover. Keep in mind that the aim is to finance your kitchen renovation in a way that gives you the space you desire without putting a strain on your well being.


5 Tips to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel

Curious how to finance a kitchen remodel on a budget? When it comes to renovating we understand the importance of making every dollar count, at WellCraft Kitchens. To assist you in managing expenses and maximizing the value of your remodeling investment take a look at our suggestions, for saving money;


How to Finance a Kitchen Remodel Tips and Options from WellCraft Kitchens 2


Maximize Your Existing Layout

Sticking to your existing kitchen design is a strategy to cut down on expenses when renovating your kitchen. Making changes, to walls, windows or plumbing can significantly raise both the labor and materials expenses. It’s best to make the most of what you have and concentrate on making improvements instead.


Refresh Rather Than Replace

Of swapping out your cabinets consider painting or refacing them to give them a fresh appearance, without spending a fortune. The same applies to countertops – a new coat of paint or some affordable tile work can modernize the look, without exceeding your kitchen renovation budget.


Opt For Look-Alike Materials

When choosing finishes such, as flooring, backsplash tile and countertop materials consider budget options that imitate expensive choices. For instance luxury vinyl plank flooring resembles hardwood. Comes at a more affordable price. Similarly laminate countertops can mimic the appearance of stone while being more cost effective.


Mix High And Low

Invest in some items that make an impact, such, as a quartz countertop or a standout light fixture and offset the expenses by opting for more budget friendly choices in other areas. Look for deals and discounts at stores or online platforms when purchasing items, like cabinet hardware, faucets and decorative accessories to cut costs.


Get Hands-On

To reduce the expenses for your kitchen renovation consider handling some tasks on your own. However it’s important to be honest, about your abilities and time availability. Tasks such as demolition, painting and setting up cabinet hardware can be tackled as DIY projects. For work, like heavy lifting it’s best to hire professionals to avoid expensive errors.

Prioritizing your wish list and focusing your dollars on the updates that matter most to you will help you stick to your budget as you finance a kitchen remodel. At WellCraft Kitchens, we work closely with clients to understand their needs and develop a realistic plan for their space and budget.


Exploring Your Kitchen Remodel Financing Options

You’ve estimated your costs. You’ve looked for ways to save. Now it’s time to dive into your kitchen remodel financing options and decide how to pay for it all. Here are some common ways to finance a kitchen remodel:


How to Finance a Kitchen Remodel Tips and Options from WellCraft Kitchens 3


1. Cash

Got a hefty savings account? The simplest way to finance a kitchen remodel is by paying cash. By using the “buy pay strategy you can make purchases without needing a loan or worrying about interest charges. This method also helps you steer clear of accumulating debts and having to manage a monthly expense.

Of course, there are some pitfalls to consider with the all-cash route. It’s generally unwise to drain your emergency fund or divert dollars from other financial priorities to finance a kitchen remodel. But if you have the cash to spare, it can be a smart way to fund your project.


2. Credit Cards

For kitchen renovations using a credit card can be a way to fund the project and earn rewards on your purchases. Its recommended to find a card that offers a 0% APR period so you can manage your project expenses without paying interest. However make sure you have a repayment plan, in place before the introductory offer expires and the regular APR applies.

On the hand we generally do not recommend relying on credit cards for renovation projects. Credit cards typically come with interest rates compared to financing options, for kitchen remodels. Carrying a balance could also negatively impact your credit score. It’s advisable to charge what you can comfortably pay off within the interest period provided by the card.


3. Personal Loans

A personal loan is a popular way to finance a kitchen remodel. When you opt for this kind of loan you have the flexibility to borrow an amount at a fixed rate of interest and repay it in consistent monthly installments over a predetermined period (typically 2-7 years). You can utilize the funds, for renovation costs ranging from materials to labor.

Typically personal loans come with interest rates compared to credit cards. As they are unsecured, approval and interest rates are mostly determined by your credit score and debt to income ratio. Exploring options is an approach to receive rate estimates and discover the most suitable offer, for a personal loan that can help fund your kitchen renovation project.


4. Home Equity Loans and HELOCs

Since your kitchen is situated within your residence you have the option to utilize your home equity, for funding your kitchen renovation. Through a home equity loan you can obtain a lump sum based on the equity in your home. Repay it at a fixed interest rate. Alternatively a HELOC (home equity line of credit) functions akin to a credit card enabling you to borrow funds as necessary, from your credit line.

Both alternatives typically offer interest rates compared to loans or credit cards since they are secured by your home. However the drawback is that you are risking your property if you encounter difficulties making payments in the future. There are also closing costs involved, so these options are best if you need to borrow a large amount to finance a kitchen remodel.


5. Cash-Out Refinance

If you’re already considering refinancing your mortgage, doing a cash-out refinance is another way to finance a kitchen remodel using your home equity. With this strategy, you take out a new mortgage for more than you currently owe. You will receive the funds, in cash which you can then utilize for renovating your kitchen.

Opting for cash out refinancing can be beneficial if it enables you to secure an interest rate compared to what you’re paying on your home loan. However it’s important to note that this isn’t a financing option as the entire process usually takes around 30 45 days to finalize. Additionally keep in mind the closing expenses involved which could accumulate, to thousand dollars.


Selecting the Best Option to Finance Your Kitchen Remodel

When faced with choices deciding how to fund your kitchen renovation boils down to what works for your specific circumstances and requirements. Take into account these aspects as you whittle down your options;


How to Finance a Kitchen Remodel Tips and Options from WellCraft Kitchens 4


Loan Amount

How big of a loan do you need for your kitchen renovation? If its an amount you might have to tap into your home equity. For amounts personal loans or credit cards could be accessible options.


Repayment Term

Consider your desired speed, for repaying the financing for your kitchen renovation. Opting for a longer repayment duration results, in reduced payments though it also entails paying interest in the long run. Conversely choosing a repayment period leads to saving on interest costs. Requires higher monthly payments.


Interest Rate

The interest rate on your kitchen remodel financing has a big impact on the total cost of borrowing. Compare your loan options carefully and crunch the numbers to see how much each will cost you in interest over the life of the loan. Watch out for rate fluctuations if you opt for a variable-rate product.


Fees And Penalties

Make sure to consider all the costs that come with financing your kitchen renovation like origination fees, closing costs, yearly charges or penalties, for paying off the loan. These extra expenses can really increase the amount you end up paying.


Tax Advantages

Sometimes the interest you’re charged for financing a kitchen renovation could potentially be eligible, for a tax deduction. As per the IRS rules interest paid on home equity loans and lines of credit is usually deductible if the money is utilized to “purchase, construct or significantly enhance” your residence. It’s advisable to consult with a tax advisor to determine your eligibility, for this deduction.


Impact on Credit

When you decide to seek assistance, for your kitchen renovation be aware that lenders will conduct a review of your credit report to assess your creditworthiness. This may cause a dip in your credit score. It’s important to avoid borrowing more than you can handle or missing payments as these actions can have an impact on your credit standing. Take these factors into consideration when exploring your financing options.

The key is to find a financing solution, for your kitchen remodeling project that aligns with your capabilities allows you to complete the renovation smoothly and enables you to manage the debt comfortably. At WellCraft Kitchens we are here to guide you through the process and connect you with partners who can support you in realizing your dream kitchen.


Why Financing a Kitchen Remodel Can Be a Smart Investment

While spending five figures on a kitchen renovation might seem extravagant, there are some compelling reasons to finance a kitchen remodel:


How to Finance a Kitchen Remodel Tips and Options from WellCraft Kitchens 6


Increase Home Value

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. According to the latest Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling magazine, a mid-range major kitchen remodel has a 57.4% return on investment. That means if you spend $50,000 on your kitchen remodel, you could recoup over $28,000 when you go to sell.


Improve Functionality

Planning to sell your home may not be, on your mind now. A kitchen renovation can truly improve your daily living experience. By reorganizing the design updating appliances and incorporating clever storage solutions you can transform your kitchen into an enjoyable space, for cooking and socializing.


Boost Efficiency

Revamping your kitchen with eco appliances and fixtures can cut down on your energy bills. Lessen the environmental impact of your household. Investing in a kitchen renovation that incorporates these upgrades can yield benefits in the future as well, as in the long run.


Create Your Dream Space

At the end of the day it’s important for your home to be a place that brings you joy. If your current kitchen feels outdated cramped or doesn’t reflect your taste consider financing a kitchen renovation to create the cooking space you’ve always dreamed of. Having a kitchen that you love can enhance your cooking experience. Make meal preparation more enjoyable.

At WellCraft Kitchens we’ve witnessed firsthand the impact a kitchen renovation can have on a home. We understand that securing financing is often the challenge, for homeowners. Our aim is to assist you in exploring all options and finding solutions to turn your vision of a dream kitchen, into reality.


Get Started on Your Kitchen Remodel with WellCraft Kitchens

Are you excited, about starting the planning for your kitchen renovation? WellCraft Kitchens is here to assist you! We provide a range of kitchen design and remodeling services that cater to needs and budgets. When you choose to work with WellCraft Kitchens you can expect;

How to Finance a Kitchen Remodel Tips and Options from WellCraft Kitchens 7


  • A design consultant who will support you throughout the process
  • 3D visualizations and personalized layouts to help you envision your new kitchen
  • Handcrafted cabinets of top notch quality made in house at our workshop
  • Carefully curated options for countertops flooring, fixtures and finishes
  • Reliable partners in the trade industry to handle all aspects of your renovation project
  • Help in locating and securing financing, for your kitchen upgrade

Our goal is to make your kitchen remodel as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, including helping you navigate the world of finance a kitchen remodel. Looking to delve into a home equity loan or check out personal loan options? We’re here to link you up with trusted lenders and assist you in considering your choices. Excited to kick things off? Set up a consultation with one of our WellCraft Kitchens design consultants today! We’re eager to hear about your kitchen renovation aspirations and guide you through financing options, for your remodel project. Lets collaborate to bring your dream kitchen to life.

Remodel A Basement

How To Remodel A Basement

So you’ve decided it’s time to remodel a basement and transform that underutilized space into something amazing. Awesome! Planning a basement renovation can significantly increase both the area and the overall value of your home.. Initiating such a project can feel overwhelming. Fear not as we’re here to guide you through the stages of transforming your basement into a space. With our expertise, in home renovations, at WellCraft Kitchens we’ll help you unlock the hidden potential of your level living area!


Step 1: Make a Game Plan

Remodel A Basement 1

First things first – before swinging any hammers, you need a solid plan for your basement remodel. Think about how you want to use the space. A cozy family room? A home gym? An epic entertainment zone? An extra bedroom or apartment? The possibilities are endless when you remodel a basement.

Take a stroll, around the area and jot down some ideas. Measure the dimensions to get a picture of how much space you have available. This will come in handy when selecting materials and furniture on. Don’t forget to look into your building regulations and obtain any required permits before beginning the basement remodeling project. Certain areas have guidelines regarding ceiling heights, emergency exit windows and so on. Be thorough to prevent any issues down the road!


Step 2: Set a Realistic Budget

Remodel A Basement 2

Next up – money talks. Figuring out your budget is crucial when you remodel a basement. On average renovating a basement typically costs, between $30-50 per foot depending on the extent of the project and the quality of materials used. So calculate your footage and crunch some numbers to get a rough estimate.

Create a list distinguishing your must have items from to have ones. Decide where you’re willing to splurge and where you can cut costs. Perhaps you’ve been envisioning a home theater with surround sound. Could settle for luxury vinyl plank flooring of hardwood. Strike that balance.

No matter what allocate a 10-20% as a contingency, for expenses. Trust us at WellCraft Kitchens. Renovation ventures always come with surprises! It’s wise to be financially prepared when tackling a basement remodel project.


Step 3: Clear Out and Clean Up

Remodel A Basement 3

Alright, time to put on your work gloves and prepare your basement for its transformation. The first order of business when you remodel a basement is to clear out all the existing stuff. Donate, sell, or toss anything you don’t need. Have a garage sale or rent a storage unit if needed. You want a blank slate.

Once you’ve cleared out the area make sure to clean it. Get rid of any cobwebs, dust bunnies and check for any signs of dampness, like spots, water marks or musty smells. It’s important to fix any water related issues before beginning any basement remodeling project. Hiring a professional to waterproof the space is a decision that can save you time and money in the run.


Step 4: Frame the Walls

Now for the fun part – framing! This is when your basement starts to actually look like a livable space. The basic steps to frame walls when you remodel a basement are:

Remodel A Basement 4

  • Outline where the walls will be placed by snapping chalk lines on the floor.
  • Secure a pressure treated plate along the lines using a powder actuated nailer.
  • Use 3 inch framing nails to attach the plate to the ceiling joists.
  • Cut studs to size and fasten them between the plates every 16 inches.
  • Frame doors or windows as needed.

Remember, framing a basement involves details. If you’re not confident, in your skills consider hiring a framer. A constructed basement is crucial for a remodeling project.

At WellCraft Kitchens we suggest insulating walls with foam board and interior walls with fiberglass batts for improved energy efficiency and comfort, in your basement. It’s a step not to overlook during a basement renovation!


Step 5: Install the Utilities

Remodel A Basement 5

With the walls up, it’s time to call in the pros to roughin the utilities – electric, plumbing, and HVAC. This is definitely not a DIY task when you remodel a basement unless you really know your stuff. Hire licensed contractors to ensure everything is installed safely and up to code.

An electrician is responsible, for installing wiring for outlets, light fixtures and switches. It’s important to ensure lighting and sufficient outlets in the area. You wouldn’t want to be left in the ages after renovating your basement!

If you’re incorporating a bathroom, kitchen or bar a plumber will be needed to set up water supply lines and drainage. The same applies to a laundry room. They’ll make sure all the pipes are positioned correctly.

Remember to consider heating and cooling! An HVAC technician can. Extend your homes ductwork or install a separate system to maintain a comfortable temperature, in your basement throughout the year. Just picture your remodeled basement from freezing winters or sweltering summers. What a relief!


Step 6: Hang the Drywall

Alright lets get back, to a project you can tackle yourself (if you’re up for it). Installing drywall can be messy and exhausting. Theres something oddly satisfying about it. Here are the basics of installing drywall when renovating a basement;

Remodel A Basement 6

  1. Cut the drywall panels to fit each section of the wall. Use a drywall square and utility knife for cuts.
  2. Secure the panels to the studs using drywall screws starting from the top and working your way down. Ensure that screws are spaced 8 inches apart.
  3. Apply drywall compound and tape to seal the seams using a 6 inch taping knife. Allow it to dry overnight.
  4. Smooth out any bumps or ridges by sanding for a finish. Clean off any dust, with a cloth.

Repeat this process for the ceiling if you’re not doing a drop ceiling. Fair warning – drywalling a ceiling is a shoulder workout and a half. Grab a buddy to help if you remodel a basement DIY-style!


Step 7: Paint the Walls & Ceilings

Remodel A Basement 7

The conclusion is approaching! Applying paint is, among the tasks when renovating a basement. It can have a significant effect. Choosing the colors has the power to completely change the atmosphere of your area.

Always start with a coat of primer before painting. This will help seal the drywall and prevent moisture issues – crucial when you remodel a basement. Then, break out the rollers and brushes and get to work painting your chosen colors.

For a painting plan opt for light and vibrant colors. Choosing shades can give your basement a sense of spaciousness and freshness while incorporating accents can infuse character. Feel free to experiment and have some fun. Remember, it’s just paint!

Here, at WellCraft Kitchens we lean towards an contemporary look, for basements. Picture clean. Gentle grays paired with blues or lively greens. Ultimately the paint choices should mirror your taste and the intended use of the space basement renovation.


Step 8: Choose Durable Flooring

Remodel A Basement 8

We’re there! Choosing the flooring is crucial when remodeling a basement due, to moisture issues. Some of the choices for basements that are durable and resistant to moisture include luxury vinyl plank (LVP) ceramic or porcelain tile, engineered hardwood and carpet, with a moisture barrier.

Each has its own pros and cons in terms of cost, style, and installion when you remodel a basement. LVP is affordable and DIY-friendly, but not as high-end as hardwood. The sleek tile is simple to maintain though it may not offer the feel underfoot. Consider what aligns with your basement objectives and financial plan.

Prior, to installing any flooring ensure that your subfloor is even and free of debris. Fix any cracks or uneven areas using a self leveling product. Follow the installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer. If unsure it’s advisable to seek assistance, from professionals!


Step 9: Add the Finishing Touches

Remodel A Basement 9

Pop the champagne, you did it! Well, almost. The last step to remodel a basement is to add all the finishing touches that will make the space feel like home.

Complete the installation of any remaining fixtures, outlets and switches. Hang up the doors. Trim. Bring in the furniture and decorations. Set up the TV and speakers. Introduce some textiles and greenery to create an atmosphere. The possibilities are endless!

This phase is truly enjoyable as you can relax and appreciate the results of your work. You’ve transformed a basement renovation from a dream, into reality which is definitely something celebrating.

If you find yourself needing guidance, on design aspects WellCraft Kitchens is available to assist you. We provide design consultations to help bring your vision to life and ensure that all elements of your basement renovation blend together seamlessly.


Final Thought

Remodel A Basement 10

Renovating a basement can be quite a task. The end result is definitely worth it, for the added living area and increased property value. Approach it gradually plan in advance. Don’t hesitate to seek help when necessary.

With some elbow grease and vision, you can remodel a basement into the space of your dreams – whether that’s a home theater, game room, guest suite, or just a really awesome hangout spot. The possibilities are truly endless!

If you’re feeling like there’s a lot, on your plate. Could use some advice as you go reach out to us at WellCraft Kitchens. We enjoy assisting homeowners with basement renovations. Would be excited to contribute to your project. So lets get down to business and start working – your stunning new basement is, around the corner!

Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Lighten Up Your Space with Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking to brighten up your kitchen and give it a fresh, airy feel? Look no further than washed wood kitchen cabinets. At WellCraft Kitchens, our main focus is assisting our customers in discovering the style for their dream kitchen. We are fully, on board, with the popular trend of washed wood kitchen cabinets.


What are Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets 1

Washed wood kitchen cabinets are wood cabinets that have been treated with a whitewash stain. This method includes using a paint, on the wood letting some of the original wood grain and color peek through. The outcome is a understated weathered appearance that brings lightness and a hint of allure to your kitchen.

In contrast, to painted cabinets that hide the wood entirely washed wood kitchen cabinets maintain the ability to showcase the beauty and texture of the wood beneath. It offers a blend of cabinets airiness with the coziness and personality of wood.


Why Choose Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

There are so many reasons to love washed wood kitchen cabinets. Here are a few of the top benefits:


1. They Brighten Up Your Space

One of the biggest advantages of washed wood kitchen cabinets is how they can instantly lighten and brighten your kitchen. The white finish bounces light, giving kitchens a sense of openness and airiness. Opting for washed wood kitchen cabinets can help in creating an invigorating atmosphere in your space.

2. They’re Versatile

Wooden kitchen cabinets that have been washed complement a range of design styles well. Whether your style leans towards farmhouse, coastal, modern or falls somewhere, in the middle this particular finish can easily adjust to match your desired aesthetic. Combine them with countertops, for a modern touch or choose a reclaimed wood island to enhance the rustic atmosphere. The options are limitless!

Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets 2


3. They’re Timeless

While washed wood kitchen cabinets are certainly having a moment right now, this is a look that will never go out of style. The timeless pairing of white and wood never goes out of style. With washed kitchen cabinets you can achieve a blend of classic charm and modern appeal guaranteeing a fresh and up, to date look, for your kitchen that will last for years.


4. They’re Low Maintenance

One of the aspects of washed wood kitchen cabinets is their maintenance. The whitewash coating effectively hides flaws and signs of wear ensuring that your cabinets stay in top notch condition with effort. Just give them a wipe, with a cloth to maintain their cleanliness and appearance.


Designing with Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Ready to incorporate washed wood kitchen cabinets into your own kitchen? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Choose the Right Wood

When it comes to creating washed wood kitchen cabinets you have a range of wood types to choose from. While any wood can be used certain species are more suited, for this purpose. At WellCraft Kitchens we particularly appreciate the use of oak for achieving this finish. White oak stands out with its grain pattern that becomes more prominent after whitewashing. Additionally other excellent choices, for this project include hickory, ash and maple.


Consider Your Color Palette

Washed wood kitchen cabinets pair well with a wide range of colors, but we especially love how they look with soft, nature-inspired hues. Imagine shades of sandy hues and hazy grays. These colors perfectly match the wood tones. Elevate the brightness of the room.

Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets 3


Mix and Match Finishes


Feel free to mix washed wood kitchen cabinets with finishes to create a dynamic and layered appearance. For instance you might consider using washed wood base cabinets along, with upper cabinets or blending washed wood with glass front cabinets for added visual appeal. Incorporating finishes can bring depth and character to your design.


Add Texture with Hardware and Accents

To really make your washed wood kitchen cabinets pop, pay attention to the smaller details like hardware and accents. Aged brass knobs and handles bring a feel while stylish black pulls offer a contemporary touch. Incorporating baskets, fresh herbs, in pots and soft textiles are ways to enhance the warmth and texture of your kitchen.


Get the Look with WellCraft Kitchens

At WellCraft Kitchens, we specialize in helping homeowners in the DC metro area create their dream kitchens. If you’re interested in incorporating washed wood kitchen cabinets into your space, our team of expert designers and craftsmen are here to help.

We always begin each project with a consultation to grasp your preferences, requirments and budget. Following that we will collaborate with you to develop a design that brings your vision to reality. Utilizing top quality materials and cutting edge construction methods we ensure a product that you will cherish for years.

Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets 4

Some of our sought after projects involving washed wood kitchen cabinets include;

  • A vibrant farmhouse kitchen featuring washed wood perimeter cabinets and a striking navy island.
  • A coastal themed kitchen adorned with washed wood cabinets, pristine white countertops and sea glass backsplash tiles.
  • A contemporary kitchen showcasing sleek washed wood cabinets floating white shelves and pendant lights, with a flair.

Regardless of your preferences our team is adept at crafting a wood kitchen cabinet design tailored just for you. We take pride in creating spaces that’re both practical and visually appealing while ensuring an experience, from beginning to end.


Maintaining Your Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Maintaining washed wood kitchen cabinets is quite manageable. There are some steps you can take to ensure they maintain their appearance. Here are a few suggestions, for preserving the beauty of your washed wood finish;


Dust Regularly

Dust can accumulate quickly on kitchen cabinets, especially in areas near the stove or above the fridge. To prevent buildup, make a habit of dusting your washed wood kitchen cabinets with a soft, dry cloth or microfiber duster at least once a week. This will help remove any debris before it has a chance to settle into the wood grain.


Wipe Up Spills Immediately

Mistakes happen, in kitchens. If you accidentally spill something on your kitchen cabinets make sure to promptly wipe it off with a damp cloth. Steer clear of using chemicals or rough sponges as they might harm the surface. For stains a blend of dish soap and lukewarm water should work effectively.

Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets 5

Protect from Heat and Moisture

While washed wood kitchen cabinets are sealed for protection, it’s still a good idea to take extra precautions in areas that are exposed to heat and moisture. Remember to use trivets or hot pads when placing dishes on the counter and make sure to use a cutting board for chopping or slicing. If you have cabinets to the sink or dishwasher think about adding a water resistant barrier to shield them from splashes and spills.


Touch Up as Needed

Over time the wooden cabinets, in your kitchen that have been cleaned might begin to display signs of use like scratches or chips. Fortunately addressing this issue is straightforward, by using touch up paint. At WellCraft Kitchens we offer our customers a touch up package containing the paint and finish applied to their cabinets. Just apply a bit of paint to the affected spot using a brush and blend it seamlessly with the existing finish.


Brighten Your Kitchen with WellCraft

Washed Wood Kitchen Cabinets 6

Washed wood kitchen cabinets are the perfect way to add a touch of effortless, airy charm to your home. This flexible and enduring finish adds a touch, to kitchens of all shapes and decor styles instantly bringing a sense of lightness and rejuvenation to the room.

At WellCraft Kitchens we’ve assisted homeowners in revamping their kitchens with our custom washed wood kitchen cabinet designs. Our team blends craftsmanship with attention to provide kitchens that are truly exceptional.

If you’re eager to brighten your space and rediscover your love for your kitchen reach out to WellCraft Kitchens today. We’ll assist you in crafting a cheerful inviting space that you’ll cherish for years to come infused with the charm and allure of washed wood kitchen cabinets. Lets kick things off!

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