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All of our pergola retractable roof models give you an unrivaled level of control over nature. These motorized or manual pergola systems allow you to fully utilize your patio as it was intended. As a restaurant owner, you can maximize the use of your patio and revenue without losing access to it on bad weather days. You can enhance the luxury of your backyard experience as a homeowner. They are suitable for small to large spaces, can be freestanding or wall mounted, and come in a variety of innovative aluminum and wood designs.



We all enjoy basking in the sun, but sometimes we need some cover. You might want to think about installing a shading system, such as an awning, porch, or patio cover, if your favorite outdoor spot happens to be exposed to the intense midday sun or lacks any other natural shade provided by Mother Nature. Patio covers and awnings come in a variety of styles, dimensions, and materials. Your desired outcome for your shading system will determine how to proceed.

A stationary patio cover is the best option for you if you want long-term protection. Our powder-coated extruded aluminum poles, which support patio coverings and provide great strength and stability, install directly to your house. Our patio covers are made to meet and even exceed the snow and wind loads found in most climates. Also, you may add one of our revolutionary skylights to the roof of your patio cover to direct light where you need it. Every skylight is equipped with a custom-fitted solar shade that can be quickly and simply installed when the weather calls for shade.



Experience the WellCraft whether you want to resurface, repair, or build a new deck. We will work with you to decide on the best materials and design for the final result that you want. Along the way, your knowledgeable project manager will consult with you, keep you informed, and be available to troubleshoot any problems that may come up.

Our specialists are committed to providing the most affordable decking installation services without sacrificing quality. We can always help you choose a decking material that works for you because our company offers decking materials accessible for just about any budget.


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Giving your home a new style every style

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