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Walk-in Closet

Your walk-in closet likely contains shoes, out-of-season apparel, special items you use occasionally, scarves, belts, ties, and other accessories in addition to your wardrobe and your partner’s. Other goods that some individuals must preserve in this storage space include outgrown children’s items, seasonal decorations, and other possessions.

How can we proceed? Your master bedroom’s closet renovation has the potential to create a ton of additional space. Our objective is to make your closet as efficient as possible so you can store more than you ever imagined! Better still, your closet will last you years or perhaps decades because we use high-quality materials like wood and stain-resistant melamine.


Reach-in Closet

Instead of walk-in closets, reach-in closets are an architect’s preferred type of storage space and are usually used in kid’s and secondary bedrooms, however they are also fairly popular in master bedroom suites. For convenience and accessibility, the parts of a closet system added to a reach-in should be built around the apertures of the closet doors. Standard mirrors or solid sliding doors conceal one half of the space while allowing access to browse outfit selections for the day’s activities through the door opening.

If storage or even organization is a requirement for the bedroom, reach-ins, also known as wall closets, must be equipped with a unique closet system. By including drawers, baskets, and pull-out trays, these systems not only improve hanging space but also give the option of reducing the number of bedroom dressers. The system is divided into sections with rods for hanging clothing taking up the majority of the available space, while shelving and drawers offer additional storage for things like socks, jewelry, and undergarments. There are several alternatives available when it comes to creating the ideal reach-in closet, all of which are tailored to the individual requirements of the user.


Kids' Closet

Kids aren’t simply little grownups, therefore at Wellcraft, we collaborate closely with you to determine the precise details of your child’s closet design. We can construct a kids’ closet to suit your child’s tastes, whether he or she is a young athlete who wants to keep sporting equipment in his or her wardrobe or an enthusiastic Barbie apparel collector.

Even better, you can alter any of our kids’ closets as your children become older. When your child is two years old, you can buy an adjustable closet that will grow with him or her through childhood and adolescence.


Kitchen Pantry

Both homeowners and homebuyers adore having a kitchen pantry. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 83% of prospective homeowners view kitchen pantries as either desirable or necessary. According to real estate experts, kitchen improvements like new pantry shelves can attract buyers and increase a home’s worth.

No matter what kind of pantry shelving you use, there are two advantages to adding storage to your kitchen. First, your freshly placed shelves can assist immediately clear up clutter, make products in your pantry more visible, and organize your kitchen’s layout. Second, investing in pantry storage solutions is a smart move because these kitchen amenities can raise your home’s worth and attract potential buyers.


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