Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets: Which is Right for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry, there are two main styles to consider: euro style cabinets vs face frame cabinets. Both have their pros and cons, so deciding between the two can be tricky. At WellCraft Kitchens, we work with many homeowners weighing this exact decision. Let’s break down the key differences so you can determine the best option for your kitchen remodel vision.

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets Styles

To start, it’s important to understand the fundamental construction of each style. Euro style cabinets, also called frameless cabinets, feature doors and drawers that are mounted directly onto the cabinet box without a visible frame surrounding them. Face frame cabinets, on the other hand, have a visible wooden frame surrounding the cabinet front, with doors and drawers mounted within this perimeter.

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

On the surface, euro style cabinets may appear more modern and sleek without the frame. However, face frame construction has its own timeless appeal. The frame provides definition to each cabinet and a sense of substance. It’s really a matter of personal preference – both styles can achieve either a contemporary or traditional aesthetic depending on additional design elements.

Storage Capacity and Organization

When it comes to maximizing storage, euro style cabinets have a slight edge in euro style cabinets vs face frame cabinets race. With doors mounted directly onto the box, more of the interior is usable compared to face frames that require space behind for the frame itself. However, the difference is minimal – just an inch or two. Both styles allow for plenty of storage when designed efficiently.

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

Organization is where face frames shine. Their defined perimeter makes them ideal for add-ons like pull-outs, lazy susans, rollout shelves and other inserts. Euro style cabinets can integrate these as well, but installation may be slightly more complex due to the lack of a frame boundary. Overall both cabinet types are fully capable of keeping your kitchen tidy and clutter-free.

Aesthetics and Personalization

Aesthetically, both euro style cabinets vs face frame cabinets styles provide endless options for customization. From wood species and stains to dozens of door and handle styles, you can achieve any look from farmhouse casual to contemporary sleek. When it comes to personalizing your kitchen’s euro style cabinets vs face frame cabinets, the decision comes down to your specific design preferences.

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

Some homeowners love the clean-lined, frameless appearance of euro style cabinets. Others prefer the defined look and substantial feel provided by face frames. Integrating architectural details like corbels, crown molding or wainscoting can enhance either style. In the end, the choice that speaks most to your individual design sensibilities is the right one.

Durability and Maintenance

Both euro style cabinets vs face frame cabinets are highly durable when constructed with quality materials. However, face frames may have a slight edge due to their additional structural reinforcement from the perimeter wood. Over decades of use, face frames are also less prone to minor warping or sagging around door and drawer fronts.

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

In terms of maintenance, euro style cabinets require a bit more TLC. Their frameless construction means any dirt or debris can accumulate behind door fronts. Face frames provide a built-in barrier that helps keep interiors cleaner. Both styles clean up easily, but euro style cabinets may involve more frequent light dusting.

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets Cost Comparison

Cost is another factor to weigh. On average, face frame cabinets carry a slightly higher price tag than their euro style counterparts. This is largely due to additional material and labor involved in building and installing the perimeter frame on each cabinet. However, the cost difference is often negligible, especially for higher-end cabinetry.

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

Both styles offer a wide range of price points depending on wood species, finishes, hardware and other customizable elements. An efficiently designed euro style or face frame kitchen of similar size and features will end up in the same general cost ballpark. Budget shouldn’t be the sole determining factor in your style decision.

Installing Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

The installation process of euro style cabinets differs slightly from face frames. Without a perimeter frame, euro style cabinets require more precision in measuring and mounting door and drawer fronts flush to the cabinet box. Face frame installation focuses on securing the outer frame boundary first before installing interior components. Overall, both styles involve similar stages from wall preparation to finishing touches. Our expert installers can handle either type of project smoothly.

Resale Value: Euro Style vs Face Frame Cabinets

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

When considering a kitchen remodel’s return on investment, the resale value of euro style cabinets vs face frames is comparable. Modern buyers appreciate both styles equally depending on design preferences. A well-crafted, on-trend kitchen featuring either cabinet type can significantly boost your home’s appeal. The quality of materials, functionality of layout and cohesive aesthetic are much greater determinants of future value over the style alone. Both remain sound long-term renovations.

Combining Euro Style and Face Frames

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

Many homeowners choose to blend euro style cabinets vs face frame cabinets strategically within the same kitchen design. For example, euro style wall cabinets paired with face frame base cabinets adds visual interest. Or vice versa – face frames on wall units with euro style islands or pantries. This hybrid approach lets you highlight the best qualities of each style where they functionally and aesthetically make the most impact. Our designers love helping clients envision such creative combinations.

Maintenance Tips for Euro Style vs Face Frame Cabinets

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

Regular care keeps euro style cabinets and face frames looking their best for years. Both require occasional dusting and cleaning of surfaces. Face frames with open interiors need less frequent attention. For euro style cabinets , periodically wipe behind door fronts to prevent dirt buildup. Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean and a dry one to polish. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage finishes. With minimal care, either style maintains a like-new appearance.

Design Inspiration and Visualization Tools

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

Seeing design concepts come to life is an important part of any remodel decision. Our team has many resources for visualizing euro style cabinets vs face frame cabinets in a potential new kitchen. We offer 3D renderings, full-scale cabinet displays, and a lookbook of past client projects featuring both styles. Virtual and augmented reality tools also provide an immersive experience of “being in the space” before any construction begins. These visualization aids help cement which cabinetry option is the ideal fit.

Working with a Trusted Remodeling Partner

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

Whether you decide on euro style cabinets or face frames, our goal is ensuring your renovation process is simple, efficient and stress-free. As a full-service kitchen and bath firm, we handle all aspects from concept to completion. Our licensed and insured installation team executes projects to the highest quality standards. You also benefit from our lifetime warranty and customer service long after the job is done. Partnering with WellCraft Kitchens takes the hassle out of your remodel investment.

Choosing What’s Right for You

Euro Style Cabinets vs Face Frame Cabinets

As you can see, euro style cabinets vs face frame cabinets each have their advantages. The best choice depends on your specific priorities – aesthetics, storage needs, budget or other criteria. Our expert designers can help you visualize different layouts incorporating both styles. We can also provide samples to compare in person.

Taking time to weigh the factors we’ve covered will lead you to the right selection. Or, consider blending the two styles in certain areas of your kitchen for visual interest. However you decide, WellCraft Kitchens team is here to guide your remodel from design to installation. Simply contact us to get started on your dream kitchen makeover!

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